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Tricks renovate Bathroom cheaply

The decision to renovate the house often difficult withdrawn. Therefore, homeowners should consider and plan for renovation with a mature process, especially if the renovations done on the important spaces such as bathrooms.

Without planning, renovation costs can be inflated and the homeowners difficulty organizing daily activities. To that end, prepare a list of which should be the owner of the house six months before the renovation.

Six months before the renovation

The first step is to find a reference. Find the right design for your new bathroom. This is what you need to do six months before the renovation is done.

Browse the pages of a design magazine, create a ‘board’ idea ‘or use social media such as Pinterest to gather your inspiration source. Contact the artist is also not a bad idea.

As quoted Elle Decor, designer Holly Rickert advises his clients using a small note to comment on the best part on any bathroom design idea.

After that, Rickert will recommend the best design for their clients. Professionals will save a lot of your time.

The second step, try to find references to a contractor or a builder you can trust. Try to find some alternatives through friends, colleagues, or the hardware store and building materials that usually have contact builder.

The third step, start drawing or designing your bathroom. Do not forget to include storage space, the location of the toilet, sink, shower and bathtub if pleased.

Ensure the placement in accordance with the system of plumbing or drains in your home.

Three months before renovation

Three months before the renovation, start realistic in your remodeling budget. The complete renovation could spend millions, even tens of millions of rupiah to buy toilets, ceramics, building materials, and finance personnel artisan.

Therefore, make sure the amount of fees you can afford to, and then select the materials for the renovation.

You can still get to see the bathroom as you wish, but it is cheaper. The trick, make sure you do a survey of the stores of the building, and no need to buy expensive goods.

Today many available ceramics and bath equipment outcome replica luxury goods. For example, a ceramic that looks like marble. Only, of course different quality than the original items.

Next, start contacting and hiring contractors. Professional contractor should be able to provide work schedules and material needs.

Together with the contractor, you can adjust your budget you are able to meet and budget designed by the contractor.

Two months before the renovation

Two months before the renovation, start buying tiles, taps, and other tools. Ready-made ceramics are available in the shops of building materials generally can take home the time of purchase.

However, if you specifically buy handmade ceramic booking, you need about 12 weeks.

Better, you make sure the first tile you arrive at the location at least eight months before you start remodeling old bathroom.

One month before the renovation

One month before the renovation, prepare yourself and bathrooms will be renovated. Remove items such as soap, medicine cabinets, mirrors, and other items.

You can also spend their time looking for bathroom accessories, such as towel rails, a bathroom tissue, or soap containers.

In the same month, select a paint color that you will use. You can go through this process if you choose to use ceramics to cover the entire wall.

When remodeling

Lastly, during the renovation, make sure you regularly check the condition of the project. Make sure communication continues to run.

Then, make sure you also are not rigid in decision making. You will find a lot of different things from the project design.

At times like this, make sure the contractor or a builder that you trust is always asking for advice or coordinate with you before making a decision.