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Tips to keep dressers keep it clean and charming

Dressing table is often a favorite corner in the room. Womenfolk could sit for hours in front of the dressing table while applying makeup to the face.

Every morning before going to work, dressing table never ever missed. Unfortunately, many people ignore the cleanliness and straight.

Without realizing it could cause various makeup tools and products you get dirty, contaminated with bacteria and dust. Here are tips on cleaning the dressing table you can do.

Prepare cabinet or drawer Stackable

Use a medium-size cabinet to be put on the dressing table. Its function is, for all the goods storage container so neat and organized. This will help you when looking for it when necessary. Save the products or goods according to its kind.

Remember, how many kinds of cosmetics and skincare that placement should not be carelessly mixed with other products. For example nail polish, alcohol cleansing toner or all kinds of makeup brushes. You can be grouped according to its kind.

Separate kinds of liquid with solid objects

Often the beauty products spill fouled dressers. Therefore, it is important to separate the types of skincare and cosmetics products in one place or corner. Separate also stuff kind of solid and liquid.

For example, the type of liquid eyeliner, lipstick and foundation type of liquid. Powder eyeshadow or blush on matte powder.

Dispose of expired products

Do not store products which have old or expired. In addition to no good again to be used, these items will only add to the impression of a mess on your dressing table. Check one by one beauty product that you have, then leaving that can be reused.

Give empty space

Do not create too dense dressers. Put all of the goods and the cabinet on the right or left so that there is an empty space in the middle. The empty space on your dresser will add impression of a clean, tidy, and spacious.

Clean mirrors and dressers

Dressing table and mirror susceptible of dust. Clean the dressing table every single week. You can wipe the table section with electrostatic cloth, to clean the mirror while you can use a cotton cloth.