Home and House

Tips on how to quickly have a home

There are many ways to have a dream home, one of them by starting a review of the items we buy everyday. Although impressed small and trivial, but some of these disposable goods we often buy in a fairly large amount so as to suck up a portion of budget spending monthly.

Saving for home

And if you stop buying, you can save money and increase the amount of savings for the down payment of home purchase.

1. Drink Packaging

Buying bottled beverages is considered a less important expense. Both in the form of soda, coffee, tea, and mineral water. These drinks contain high preservatives and sweeteners and certainly cause plastic waste.

Minimize this by bringing water in a refillable bottle from home. Purchasing gallons of bottled drinking water can also be avoided by buying water purifiers that filter out tap water into ready-to-drink water.

2. Room Irrigate

The room fragrances contain hazardous chemicals when exposed to direct contact with children.

Instead of buying a disposable room deodorizer, you can remove odor in the room with natural ingredients. For example using a coffee powder that is placed in a cute bowl container or wrapped and hung on the corner of the cabinet.

3. Cleaning Products

When cleaning houses, such as mopping floors, wiping glass and furniture you may be used to using packaging cleaning products. In fact the chemical content can damage the furniture surface if used continuously.

Make your own cleanser by mixing white and water vinegar with a 1: 1 ratio and add a few drops of essential oil for fragrance.

4. Disposable Diapers

Currently, reusable diapers known as clodies (clothing diapers) are becoming a trend among new parents. Because, in addition to environmentally friendly and economical, the use of clodi proved minimal risk of allergy to baby’s skin.

Choose the clodi type of materials and price that suits your needs.

5. Party Decorations

There are several important moments in this life that make you want to celebrate with a party. For example birthday, engagement, or the birth of the baby.

However, buying party decor at an expensive price is certainly a waste of time. To be more memorable, you should create a simple decoration and made with your own hands.

6. Newspapers, Magazines and Books

In the digital era like today everything you can download online, loh! Not only music, but also related to the world of information such as magazines, newspapers, and tabloids.

Even if you are comfortable reading through the screen of the device, there is no harm in buying a digital book or ebook rather than buying a physical book. Certainly more practical and cost effective.