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Tips for Choosing a Good Fence Houses

1. Adjust the fence design with a model house building

There are many design model houses built by the community in Indonesia, such as the design of modern, minimalist design, country, traditional, Mediterranean, victoria, and there are many more out there that implement the model house according to taste. So that not one step, then you have to determine in advance the design of a model home afterwards determine the design of the fence.

2. Note the size of the house

If the house has a land area that is narrow or practically minimalist design houses narrow small, you should choose a high fence which has approximately 1 meter to 2 meters. But if the building houses a large area and then use a high fence with more than 3 meters so it will give the impression of majestic. This is one factor keeping the balance between building a house with fence design our homes.

3. Adjust the fence of raw materials

The raw material for the fence as fencing material can consist of raw materials such as wood, cast iron, hollow steel, decorative stone, and steel. But in general, many people prefer to use materials from iron, while for those who love the art, most of the fence will be decorated with many motives, forms, or the model is applied on wood or cement, or it could be a combination of the two materials.

4. Adjust the type of fence to taste

In general, the type of fence consists of three types:

a. Wrought fence

Namely fence wrought iron fence of the raw material base ingredients already forged from ordinary iron into iron with a round with shades of various kinds, such as the rotating spiral pattern. This type of wrought fence has another advantage that has a style that is beautiful and looks very artistic than normal fences in general. Wrought iron fence with a round shape is suitable mounted on houses that seem fancy or modern.

b. Ordinary fence

Ordinary fence is the fence that the model is plain there is less trinkets or artistic soul in it and not too much variation. The style depends on the base material made of iron-iron plain ordinary, such as a pipe, plate, channel and elbow. Regular fencing is commonly used in simple home regular or petite minimalist home. To force including sturdy fence and is not inferior to the type of fence wrought, but the most important is how you take care of him. One that can be done so that the fence does not rust and stay strong sturdy is to paint it with paint or oil paint iron of good quality.

c. Fence Stainless Steel

Fences made of stainless steel base material that has a silver-colored (chrome). The advantages of stainless steel railings are not easily damaged by rust and has a light load so it does not need to be painted was a fence already looks nice and fancy. However, this type of fence the price is quite expensive compared to ordinary fence or fences wrought. Fence type of stainless steel is rarely used for this type of modest little house because of high raw material of this type of fencing.

Which type of fence you will use for your residential home, the most important thing is that you can use a fence or a minimalist house modern and elegant impression beautiful display in your home. Such articles can be given on this occasion may add your inspiration and can organize and design the fence to be more perfect and more secure.