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Tips change the minimalist dining room to be attractive

Factors limited land and also the high price of land makes the house with minimal size of choice in major cities. With a simple model, this house usually has a dining room that is not too large.

As a result, many people who just do not decorate the room for some reason the area is small and also the assumption that the dining table just as a place to put food alone. Though you can still make this minimalist dining room so it looks fancy!

Use a round table

Table with this form will provide flexibility in location. Position at one corner in the dining room and combine with two sofa bench wrapped in shiny fabric to give the impression of elegance.

Folding table

If you live in a home that is minimalist or may in the apartment, in order to evade the existing space can still take advantage of the space to the maximum. Attach a folding table on the wall, open the table when the meal arrives.

If completed, fold it back from the table and keep them with chairs.

Take advantage of wall

Provide enough chairs at the dining table so that family members can still be passing freely in the room. If you are concerned there are no seats for guests or parents who come to visit, hang a few chairs on the wall that does not take place.

Replace kitchen cabinets with shelves

The kitchen cabinets are often used for storing cutlery, but unfortunately this cabinet will usually take a lot of places in the dining room. Replace the cabinet by installing a few shelves that float.

A shelf provides the flexibility for you to store belongings. Just add a basket on the shelf for storing utensils such as cutlery or a washcloth.

The dining table multifunctional

If indeed the house or apartment where you live is no longer available space for a dining area, select a wooden dining table and use the table for two things: as a place to eat and a place to work.

Make sure the desk is always clean of items that still have a place to put food when the meal arrives.

Use bench

Lounger used in parks and so-called bench can sit more than one person. For those of you who already have children may use this type of chair.

Another advantage is that these seats are usually slender shape so that when not in use you can paste it into a table or even store them under the table.

Invest a mirror

An old ways that used to give the impression the room is more spacious than it actually is the use of mirrors. Besides giving the impression of a spacious room reflection mirror also reflects light in the kitchen so it made the room look brighter.