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Tips arrange the frame so that the walls be beautiful

Many easy and economical way to deliver a new and unique atmosphere at home. One of them is to create a photo gallery on the wall. Its application could be for the living room, family room, bedroom, wall ladders, or another spot according to taste.

Frames are laid out nicely to give a certain impression and beautify the wall. A room can represent memories, memories and so on through the arrangement of the frame on the wall.

For its application is fairly tricky. Difficult because you need to learn how to structure and mounting frames. Functions that the display looks charming and walls protected from damage.

For instance, you can create a unique gallery create your own masterpiece. Inspiration can be easily found on the internet or magazines interior. Prior to installation, appropriate measures should refer to arrange the frame on the wall of the following:

1. Harmony frame, walls and Interior

The first step should generally be done in arranging the interior and room accessories is to determine the theme. The trick is to pay attention to the harmony between frames, walls, rooms, and images used.

For example, put a picture of the complete family members in the family room. Photo gallery itself can be placed on the couch or near the television screen. Determine the best place in the house according to taste.

2. Adjust the frame on the wall

For convenience when looking at the photo gallery, attach the frame with a height between 150 cm to 160 cm. For layout, the layout a lot of ideas that can be tested. For example, frame laid out in parallel form, vertical, horizontal, stairs or irregular shapes.

You are free to be creative and to facilitate the work, you can use scrap paper to map out the layout. It also minimizes the risk of errors and damage the walls.

Measure the area of ‚Äč‚Äčeach frame to be installed on used paper. Then cut according to the pattern and try to make a simulation set layout with taped to the wall.

In addition, the frame size adjusted to the wall area. When the width of the wall, you are free to use large and small sized photos. However, when a narrow wall, you should use medium or small sized frame.

3. Mechanical Installation

Mechanical put the frame on the wall is now more easily and choose which suits you. One way is to use the former wooden planks so that the wall was not damaged. Mechanical installation needs to be mastered once you find a layout that fits applied.

Generally there are two types of mounting frame, the mounting single or group. Single organizational structure is of course only one picture, large and usually has its own uniqueness. While structuring the group consists of a number of photos of different sizes and shapes, but it’s still a theme.