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Tips and Inspiration Design Baby’s Room

Designing a child’s bedroom, especially for the first child be a fun thing for parents. Usually they will be enveloped by a feeling of happiness and enthusiastically welcomed the birth of their first child. They will also be busy imagining different themes and concepts suitable for application.

There are several things to consider when decorating the room crib. The first, the location of the baby’s room is easily accessible to parents. Also pay attention to air circulation and sunlight in the room for the baby’s health.

Then finally, you have to determine from the outset whether this room will be designed according to the sex of the child or deliberately neutral so no need redecoration for the next child birth.

To enrich your inspiration in designing the baby room decor, here are nine ideas that you can choose.


Select the wallpaper that matches the theme of your choice. Ranging from the dramatic to the imaginative motif, wallpaper and wall decals are the most practical way to add imagination into your baby’s room.


To make room bed to be more comfortable, provide lighting with lighting that fits for your baby’s room. If you do not want to be too bright, dim lights that provide dependent.

Gold color

To make gold appear fitting in the bedroom, mixed with neutral or pastel colors. With so a touch of luxury can be felt without looking too formal.

Hearts Motif

Not only used on a theme of Valentine’s Day, you can add a simple heart motif to be mounted on the wall. Give a touch of sweet love for the little guy.

Bamboo and rattan accents

The natural color of the material will find bamboo and rattan so fitting to bring warmth to any room, including babies. However you have to be careful when trying these accents combine with vintage furnishings.


If you are a lover of local art work, no harm accentuate its presence in the nursery. It aims to inspire children about the local art work in visualization.

Wall paint color

You can give a dramatic wall paintings such as light blue or more into the baby’s room. Even so it is tailored to the size of the bedroom, because the pattern is too crowded can make the room more cramped.

Antique rugs

A beautiful carpet can give a major influence on your baby’s room space. Even so this decoration you can change into a plastic carpet when the children grow up.


The room in neutral tones are the perfect solution for parents who want to play it safe in the design of the nursery. Create a neutral color becomes more colorful by blending colors like gray and white. This is an easy way to create a relaxing spa atmosphere.