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Terms of Home Go-Green

This time I will elaborate on the condition of the house environmentally friendly, Green House is a house in building not damage the environment, the materials used do not interfere with nature, and in using it can act as a means for nature to thrive and is well maintained. To make need to be started during planning, construction to maintenance.

Terms of eco-friendly or Green Homes

  • Do not destroy nature when planning and development, for example, the design of the house is made in such a way that the existing trees not be felled, then when the construction while maintaining the tree being damaged or even lost.
  • Building materials used do not damage the environment, for example, do not use wood or bamboo, but could use an iron, concrete and the like which do not need to cut down trees.
  • There is an area as a place to grow crops, the area could be on the wall, roof, or other suitable parts of the building as a place of growth and development of green trees.
  • Utilizing natural energy, for example, the window is placed in such a way that each room is bright with natural light from the sun, if forced to use electricity then can utilize the technology of solar power or solar cell.
  • Good air circulation, every corner of the room is set in such a way to keep cool with the air naturally, without the use of Air Conditioner air conditioner or fan.
  • Do not close the page with concrete, its function so that rain water still have a gap to absorb into the earth, so the condition of underground water maintained properly.
  • There biopori hole in the yard, its function is also to facilitate the absorption of water from the ground into the earth.
  • There are plants in the yard, yes .. various types of plants can be used to decorate your garden well as to the yard.

Very many advantages to be gained by building houses Green, advantages which we feel directly eg house into a hospitable, cool air, saving electricity bills, etc., while the benefits are widely enjoyed by the general public as well as businesses pass on nature remains in good condition to our children someday