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Smart Tips on Organizing Television in Narrow Apartment

Arranging a small apartment or room can be regarded as a rather horrible job. Nothing, limitations of space, narrow inlet flow, up to the seating arrangement can be a challenge in itself.

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And the challenge is also increasing when you have to put a large flat-screen television in the living room or studio-sized apartment. Yes, let alone television screen fairly difficult to use to be focal points of interest in a room.

Instead of making the room look so attractive, the placement is not quite fit to make the room look boring! For that see some creative ideas to organize television in the following narrow space.

1. Take advantage of Television as Space Partition

Do you know if your television can function more than just a means of entertainment? Yes, this device can indeed be utilized to be part of the space architecture. No matter how small the size of your home or apartment, television can also be used as a partition that separates the two spaces according to their respective functions (eg living room and bedroom).

Psst! As a bonus, you can watch a favorite television program from two different rooms, simply rotate your flat screen television. But make sure you put it right so it is not easy to fall if you get a little shock.

2. Create Gallery Wall around the Television

You can diminish the wide and boring television appearance by mixing it into an artistic wall hanging. Combine some hanging ornaments like picture frames, wall clocks, with your television screen.

Arrange neatly and do not hesitate to use the empty space at the bottom for storage drawers.

3. Place in the Corner Room

The corner of the room is often an unused area to be decorated, especially if the room is narrow. Take advantage of this by putting or hanging a flat-screen television on the back. This method proved to make the room look more spacious than it really is.

4. Hide Television

This can be a solution for those of you who have a large television but are worried about dominating a small room. When not in use, you can hide the television by closing it with a curtain cloth.

Other ways can also use a sliding board (eg from the sliding door) which is given a piece of artwork on the surface of the board. Thus, you have two different styles for the room when the television is off or on.