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Safe house for Child

The house should be a place of refuge from the sun, rain and wind, from people who are malicious and many other dangers. But in my own home there is danger, especially small children, because of their ignorance and negligence of parents. What should we do to make the home safe for toddlers? Below are some suggestions that can be followed to prevent accidents. This advice is not only useful for parents who have children under five, but also for grandparents who frequented grandchildren.


Not infrequently we hear a house fire as children playing with lighters. Since small children should be taught about the dangers of fire. Put lighters or lighter in places that can not be taken children with ease. Never store gasoline in the home for any purpose (except in the tank of a car, of course). I myself have cleaned the house and burn important papers that have expired in the trash outside the home. So fast I run out of gasoline poured from the bottle, after a fire in the documents. How quickly the flames from the bottom to the flow of gas out of the bottle, fortunately I still had time to throw the bottle into the trash.


If you have a pool or even a toilet or a bucket of water, noticed that the place was inaccessible children. Fit a protective plastic to lock or door handles are round so that children are not able to open it. This usually you can buy at a store that sells woodworking tools. A pair of young couple lost their first child while spending the night dating. They leave their children at home grandparents, without realizing the boy slipped out of the house, fell in an irrigation canal near the house.


Your medicine cabinet should be located in a high place and locked. Notice when closing bottles drugs usually have a lid that can not be opened by children. Do not be careless because it concerns the life of your child. They thought the little pills and maybe eat sweets a lot.


Put a cover on an electrical outlet in your home so that your baby is not interested in putting something into the plug hole.


There is a safety device such as a small plastic clamp that can be installed behind a kitchen cabinet drawers or doors that do not open if there is an earthquake or if pulled by your toddler. This is useful so that they can not take sharp objects or cleaning agents which may harm themselves.

Plastic bags

Children love to play with old plastic bags of groceries. It is very dangerous if they are used to cover her head so they can not breathe. Therefore keep well in a safe place if you want to take advantage of plastics such as for garbage. Clean up immediately from the market or the grocery store once you get home.


We recommend that children should not accustomed to playing alone in the kitchen. They may take the chair and turn on the stove. Tell them the danger of the stove, do not let them touch it even in a state of death.


Especially when you stay at the top level or have a terraced house. Make sure that your windows are not easily opened by children.

There are still many other hazards that may not be aware of. In keeping with our young children should not be complacent in the slightest. One or two minutes that you miss to check Facebook or email you at the phone may be one or two minutes you regret a lifetime.