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Room color according to the deepest secrets of your personality

When arranging the room decor, do not just focus on looks. You should also pay attention to the functionality and comfort that you need as a couple. One of them is when you choose the color of the room.

Room color has nothing to do with your personality. Good nature, perspective, to have sex style you prefer. The following personalities views from your room color choice.

1. Blue

If you choose to use the blue color means that you are the type of person cheerful. Own room with a predominance of blue will get more sleep than other colors, ranging from 7 to 8 hours. This happens due to specific receptors in the eye sensitive to the blue so more quickly inform daily rhythm to the brain, so you sleep better.

Chris Idzikowski of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre reveal a blue color associated with tranquility and can lower your heart rate and blood pressure. So it is not surprising, you use the blue color in the room would sleep and wake up regularly and in a happy state.

2. Yellow

After the blue, the next best color for a more restful sleep that is yellow. Bright hue can stimulate the nervous system and induce relaxation. The color yellow can also create pleasure in an instant of time.

3. Green

Green is a good color to use the third bedroom. If you are the owner of the room with the green color has properties that are optimistic and positive.

4. Silver

You are using a metallic silver color or people who like luxury. Not only look glamorous but silver color also can motivate to exercise in a room before or after sleep.

5. Orange

Shades of orange in the rooms to create a relaxing atmosphere. Decorating a room with orange color can also help your digestion, especially for those who like to eat in the evening. This color can be warmed so that it can relax the muscles of the body, and make you sleep well.

6. Purple

The purple color can stimulate mental so that it can stimulate you’ll get good dreams or bad, depending on the density of the activities you do during the day.