Home and House

No concentration of work at home? This solution!

The house can be a comfortable workplace anyway if it is supported by a comfortable space and facilities.

Work space would be important in the home, especially if the homeowner is a freelancer or creative workers, who do not need a permanent office space.

The first thing to support your work optimally at home is to make proper workspace design. There are things that must be considered when creating a work space.

Layout Workspace

Consider where you will position the workspace. You can take advantage of the empty space or bedroom unused. Can also take advantage of the empty space such as under the stairs, or in the corner of the room.

Room to work should not be too large, important enough to put tables and chairs. If you get a fairly large room space, you can add a bookshelf and several ornament decoration that makes you more comfortable.


Work should be in a fresh state of mind. So no matter how small your workspace should have good air circulation. Therefore, think to create ventilation.

You can also install air conditioning (AC). Air circulation is important for the room to be comfortable to work.

You should also pay attention to the circulation / traffic occupants of the house. Choose a place less traveled people so as not to damage your working concentration.

Work equipment

Some of the equipment that must be set up to create the workspace is a table and chairs. While supporting equipment such as laptops, phones, books, bookshelves, storage and decoration to beautify the room can be adjusted.

Note also the size of the work equipment must be appropriate to the size of the room. If the room is not too large, use the tables and chairs were sufficient. You can order custom work equipment can be adjusted to taste, functionality and size.

Work Equipment Position settings

Position to put work equipment influential in creating a comfortable working environment. Office equipment put in place that do not fit so it does not interfere with your mobility and others.

For example, do not put the computer back to the window because it will dazzle your eyes when viewing the computer screen. Or, do not put the table in the way.

Add Ornaments

To add to the spirit of your work can add ornaments, or favorite things as a desk decoration. Favorite things indirectly can increase motivation and productivity of your work.