Home and House

Making the empty space in the house to make money

“Lots Road to Rome”, this proverb means that there are many ways to reach expectations. Examples of common expectations dreamed of many people is to have a second home, which could be passed on to children and grandchildren someday.

But the limitations of current income is less allow it to happen. The reason is, there is only one source of income is now owned.

Seeing these conditions does not mean you can just remain silent. If intelligent look at the opportunities, the dream to get a side fund is no longer merely wishful thinking.

Especially for those who have the first house of large size with the number of vacant area unused. For example, the bedroom. Rather than be left uninhabited and could be a nest of insects, it is better utilized for business boarding house.

So, where else in the home space that can be transformed into money?


Opportunities to increase the coffers of income could come from the bedroom in the house that is not used. Condition, number of bedrooms are at least two or three.

Clean and provide furniture such as a bed to bed, dresser, mirror, as well as desks, so that the identity of ‘boarding house’ really feels. Then the room interior portrait and advertising on websites selling and renting the property online.

But keep in mind in terms of privacy, given the boarding tenants prefer to live in separate rooms from the owner. If possible, create a new entry-exit access different family members’ access.


Land other business can be done through the front porch. More effort also encompasses the scrub cleaning services (laundry kilogram), grocery shop, culinary, until the pulse counter is commonly seen.

Although it seems small, home-based business but this one can not be taken lightly. Moreover, you do not need to hire for business land is the property itself.

Garage / carport

Have a garage spacious enough but did not have a car? Toggle this empty space as a parking area that can be rented to neighbors. Originally, you can ensure the safety of the car parked there.

Or if there is a little capital, buy a package of equipment and motors steam engine wash services at the same time opening new jobs.

The outer wall

Maybe you’ve seen the sidewall / rear painted houses such as media advertising one product. Illustration like this;

Not unexpectedly, the outer wall of the house can be used as a platform to earn money extra. But it is usually preferred product marketing looking for houses which were strategically located and an ad can be seen clearly without hindrance.

If the criteria for adequate home, you can offer it directly to relatives or marketing of products that are in need of land sale. Estimated average rental fee for using the walls of this house varied.