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List of Home Appliances Trigger Disease

Various household appliances could actually trigger diseases such as carpet cleaners, microwave fact contain chemicals harmful to health. So that the body is not exposed to excessive clams substances, be sure to always take care of household appliances you have. Previously, housewares know anything that can disturb the body’s health.

1. Air Conditioner (AC)
Almost all AC containing phthalates can disrupt the production of male hormones. Besides AC also can cause cancer. Solution, limit the use of air conditioning in the house. Do not forget to use the timer before going to bed, so that substances in the air conditioner does not get into the body. Additionally, do not forget to always take care of the AC of dust and dirt.

2. Candles
If you often use as a candle with a particular scent air freshener from now should be wary. Nearly half of all the scented candles that are sold have cable containing hazardous chemicals in the axis when burned. Besides candle burned also produces two toxic compounds, benzene and toluene, both of which are carcinogenic, so that disrupt hormone to human lungs

3. Deodorant
Almost all people use deodorants to reduce odor and also reduce sweating in the armpits. If you are one of the deodorant, it is advisable to choose a deodorant that does not contain chemicals such as aluminum chlorohydrate, which can absorb directly into the skin so that the risk of breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disorder.

4. Shower Curtain
Shower curtain in the bathroom turned out to contain chemicals consisting of phthalates, organotin, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can endanger health. In addition to cleaning the bathroom, do not forget to always clean and replace your bathroom shower curtain.

5. Carpet
Typically carpet cleaners used in dry state but this is where dangerous. Carpet cleaning chemicals turned out to contain carcinogens. If you are looking for or hire the services of home care.