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Kitchen Smell Free and Stylish with Modern Smoke Hoods

Good air circulation is a determining factor for the creation of a clean and healthy kitchen. Due to the passage of air in the kitchen when you cook often cause a bad odor. It makes you and your family is not comfortable to linger in the kitchen. To get around this, Modena, modern kitchen appliances brand creating solutions cooker hood (fume hood) that serves as an air vent in the kitchen.

In addition to health, cooker hood can also beautify your kitchen. MODENA Forli CX 9753 that has a design that is stylish and elegant. Cooker hood is installed at an angle of 60 degrees, so that the entire surface is clearly visible. This design also simplify the treatment because of the position of the device that is directly facing toward the front. It also does not restrict the view during a cooking activity.

Using the cooker hood treat the unpleasant smell of smoke in the room and throw out of the house. Besides sophisticated kitchen appliance is also able to eliminate germs and bacteria effectively. The cooker hood also transmit ions are active throughout the room so as to make the room more healthy.

Also the incoming air through the filtering material made of Vit-C so that the air will feel more fresh.