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How true that iron fence still beautiful

Most new housing, particularly those in the cluster is limited, do not use fences. However, there are some people who are more comfortable staying at home is gated.

Fence into the front of the housing element, thus seeming to be a representative image for the occupants inside. Therefore, if you are using a residential fence, neatness and cleanliness must be maintained.

There are various types of residential fencing, ranging from hedgerows, up to iron. Of the various types of existing fence, iron is a popular material used for occupancy in Indonesia. However, the treatment tends to be more difficult.

That the beauty and durability of your dwelling iron fence is maintained for a long period, you can apply some of the following tips.

Protect from rain

To protect the fence from the rain you can layer of oil on the iron fence so that rain water is not too long attached to the fence, especially at the corners often trapping raindrops.

Make sure there are no holes in the iron fence, because the hole will be a water reservoir that could lead to rust.

If there is a hole, immediately cover with putty. If the hole is large enough, you can close it by welding.

Painting the wrought iron fence

Perform routine painting on your iron fence, especially if it starts to look their paint peeling.

Painting iron fence periodically to prevent water, air, and moisture directly on the metal surface. Painting can also prevent rust spread to other parts.

Clean regularly fence

Iron fences require special care. Clean the fence regularly using a cloth or chamois. If there are stains that quite a lot and did not immediately cleaned up, will lead to rust on your fence.

Note the wheel

If you are using the iron fence rail wheels, then you shall also consider the wheel fence. Wheelchair fencing is often hindered due to rust. To fix this, you can coat the axles using oil.

How to replace the oil or grease on the axle out and cause drag aka hard wheels spinning.

Inhibition wheel fence can also occur due to the weight of the fence that is heavier than the wheels that can not withstand the load. We recommend that you replace the wheel fence with a larger size.

Periodic inspection iron fence

Do inspection and periodical check. If there is rust should immediately clean. To clean rust you can rub the rusted area with a wire brush.

Then, dampen with mineral spirits (paint thinner odorless type), and then began to remove the remaining rust. Once clean of rust, paint the fence with paint primer and paint for iron.

In addition to rust, if there is already part of the fence is damaged, either bent or broken, immediately fixing it, so as not to endanger the occupants and guests.

Broken fence also reduces the aesthetics of the house. If the damage is great you can use the services of skilled craftsman.