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How to turn a simple house into a luxurious look

Paint the walls white is the standard color standard of the interior of a new home. The interface looks boring. Did you know that with a little touch, the white shade may look fancy?

Type may be ordinary house but with some trick turns out you can make a stunning display in the interior.

Here are five things that potent change the look of an ordinary house into a luxurious impression!

Golden touch

Hearing the words of gold, an impression of elegance, luxury and wealth will come to mind. No wonder this color is often pinned on hotel rooms and offices.

Likewise, in the home, you can give a touch of gold in some corner of the room as the center of attention.

For example, for the kitchen, you can choose golden colored ceramic mounted on the walls. Additionally, you can also buy some furniture golden color as the glass dining table or a set of cups.

Alternatively, you can give color textured gold paint on one side of the wall. Everything can be customized with a budget that you have.

Colored Water taps

Generally a bathroom or a contemporary style kitchen has the equipment clad in silver aluminum.

To give a different touch, you can choose the color of the water tap unique like black, copper, or white. Condition, select a color that contrasts with the color of the sink, floor or wall tiles that have been there.

Natural stone

Many advantages possessed by natural stone. But can be chosen to decorate the floors and walls, many people choose a natural stone countertop material (kitchen table).

Physical form an elegant yet durable can be a good investment for your home. Unfortunately, the price of this material is quite high. As an alternative, you can choose the stone material synthesis such as solid surface and quartz.

Carpets Starred

The floor is the most important element to give the impression of a room. Finishing the floor are charming could change the total look without having to be filled with luxury furnishings.

One way is by adding a rug. Yes, there are many choices of luxury carpets from wool to the silk. Height adjust your choice of colors and materials for indoor carpet fitting.

Choose rugs that can emit light so that it can create the illusion of an elegant room. If your budget is limited, please give the carpet in some of the main side in the room alone.

Thin curtains

Without us knowing it, it turns out the impression of luxury can be created with simple objects. One way is by giving a soft impression of a room with a selection of the flimsy curtains in pastel colors, such as bone white, sky blue or beige.

By doing so, the reflection of incoming light to be soft on the eyes and gives a comfortable atmosphere. Choose curtains with appropriate materials with a length covering the window from ceiling to floor.