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How to Remove Stains on Wood Furniture

So that always looks beautiful, wooden furniture you need to be treated. But often daily activities ruin the look of wood furniture. However, do not worry, the problem has a solution that is easy enough to do yourself.

Here are some problems wood furniture and ways to overcome them.

1. The white circle

This problem arises because the rest of the water attached to the base of the glass. Usually if the drink is served cold or hot, the water vapor on the glass will cause white stains on wood furniture. To eliminate it, you just have to put a towel over the stain and press with a warm iron for 5-10 seconds.

2. Stains sticky

Stains wax, wax, or crayons can react with ice. Then use plastic to insert ice cubes, then wrap in a towel and place it over the stain until hardened. Next, slowly and carefully poke the stain with a spatula or card hard plastic.

3. Surface scratched

Use markers with bright colors first, then dark colors. Clean the surplus before the marker to dry, then finish with polish.