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How to Move Home Without Stress

In this life we ​​must be having moved house at least once, either because of work or college, or marriage, or for buying a new house and many other reasons. No matter whether we move to another city or country, or remain in the same city, moving house involves a lot of business and hard work. According to experts, stress arising from moving house, including the top of the list of things that lead to stress. There are some suggestions below to reduce the stress.


If you are fortunate to know well in advance that you are going to move house, you can make a list of what you should do before you move. Although this preparation will not guarantee 100% everything would go smoothly, at least you can make a backup plan in case the first plan failed. When the author left the country with your family to study in the land of Uncle Sam, we’ve made preparations a few months earlier. Of important documents that should be taken care of until the preparation of items that should be taken. All the mail has been sorted out even selling the house running smoothly, but the day before leaving we realize that we may not carry all the luggage that meets our living room. We will be in contact with large fines for carrying things too much. We were forced to leave the suitcases in-laws house and we went only carry two large suitcases.


Have you just moved 2 blocks from where you live now or 200 km, you still have to figure out how to transport your goods. Should you hire a truck or use the services of transport agencies, all of these should be designed ahead of time. It could be a trucking company or service bureau that you need to rent turns are busy so that no vehicle available.


You and your family may do it yourself or you hand it over to a service bureau to do the packing goods. You should arrange the goods according to the rooms, such as kitchen items separated from the goods the living room or bathroom. We recommend that you provide a label or use the large markers to name boxes so that in a new place you do not need to tear apart all the boxes just to find a towel. The bitter experience of the author while still living with parents, we lose the flatware up to a month. Apparently when packing wardrobe, we threw the cutlery was behind the clothes. As a result of our month-long wearing plastic cutlery.


When they arrived at a new place, you do not want to create stress by making your home messy. Arrange the boxes in the room in accordance with the label. Fabrics linens and clothes in the bedroom, the towels in the bathroom or closet linens, pots and plates and cutlery in the kitchen, and so on. Dismantle the boxes by priority, for example, the kitchen should be dealt first because everyone hungry tired after transporting goods. Then stuff the bathroom because we need to wash hands after defecation and sweating bath lift furniture.

Turn on the electricity

This is one of the important things to remember. Out of the house long before you have to disconnect the electricity, telephone and water so you do not pay for something that you do not use anymore. In the new house you do not want to stay in the dark because forget to turn on the electricity.

Do not forget to deploy reinforcements from family, friends, neighbors, and anyone who is willing to help either in terms of packaging, transport or demolition. This is one of the important things to reduce stress.