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How to make visible Luxury Living

The living room is a communal area as a place to welcome the first guests. And as a good host course you want to give the impression of a comfortable and enjoyable for anyone visiting your home.

Unfortunately, many people think back to renovate this room. Besides the cost is great, you also should be able to choose an appropriate theme. In fact, renovate a communal space that this one does not have to spend a lot of money.

Remember, replace the furniture such as sofas and new tables do not guarantee your living room look more expensive. To give a touch of luxury and class on the living room without having to spend much money.

1. Selection of Decorative Lighting

Lighting became one of the decorations that could give factor ‘wow’ in a room. You are free to make a choice for table lamp, chandelier, or even the outboard lamps on the walls.

If you want to give a dramatic impression on the room, do not hesitate to choose a chandelier or crystal chandelier made large. The reflected luster of its lights to give the impression of luxury in the room.

2. Glass Walls

Mirror glass is an accessory that is often used to reflect light and make the room look spacious and sparkling. Application gives mirror glass on the walls of the living room can make your living room seem luxurious.

Hang a large mirror pieces on the sofa or credenza to be the center of attention in the room. If you prefer a small glass, coherent matching group of mirrored glass to give the effect of a similar luxury.

3. Display Art

When choosing a display what you want to be hung on the walls of the living room, do not hesitate to choose a large-framed paintings. A display of great art gives the impression of costly and artistic.

Looking for inexpensive yet valuable display impressive considering may be a challenge. The solution, you can download royalty-free art graphics available on a number of websites. You can also find vintage painting at a flea market good quality, not less.

4. Large Carpets

Carpets become ornaments complement the room, not to mention for your living room. To choose the carpet that gives the impression of elegance and make your room seem relieved. Alloy colorful and hairy surface makes guests feel comfortable her footing.

To save the budget, you can search for materials such as woven cheaper but has a soft surface texture.

5. The Curtain length

One of the elements that make your room seem spacious and luxurious is the presence of the right curtain. The longer the size of the curtain it will give the impression of a high ceiling. While the selection of a thick fabric with elegant colors to give a touch of luxury to the room.

6. Plush Pillow case

There are many options pillowcases with color and type of fabric on the market, but invest by buying qualified pillowcase. In addition to its durable, its presence could give a touch of luxury on the couch.

Choose materials like cotton linen metallic, satin, or even faux fur. This material selection is not only expensive but gives the impression complete the look stylish on your furnishings.

7. Accessories sized minimalist

Give a finishing touch to the living room accessories, such as carved wooden handicrafts or large vase of flowers imitation. The larger size will increasingly give an artistic silhouette. They can also switch the view of objects or furniture other defects in the room.