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How to make the house so soothing place

In order to maintain happiness, it is important to always take time in order to unwind. But, if your home is a crowded and busy, possibly difficult to find time for yourself.

So, what should you do?

You can create the ‘corner of tranquility’. A corner or a small place in the house that is your own place, and was designed as much as possible to be able to drive out stress.

1. Use blue

Psychology says that the blue color can create a soothing effect. Change your place with the use of colors that can make you relaxed.

2. Display multiple photos

If you need a reason to be able to print the new photos and hang it, this is it. One study found that nostalgia can make you feel more cheerful and optimistic.

By placing the memorable photographs in a corner of quietness, you will leave the room feeling more happy than when you entered it.

3. Free noisy

Humans are usually worse in the face of the vacant time. A study even said, some people prefer to shocks than to be alone with their thoughts.

However, do not underestimate the power of silence. A bit of silence can help you focus, enhanced creativity, and can even be therapeutic.

4. Provide a lavender scented candle

Your olfactory sensors directly related to the emotional center of the brain. So, one way of relieving stress is by inhaling the aroma right.

Lavender has a calming effect. A study shows that odors can help you sleep. If you do not like this scent, aroma look more suitable for you.

5. There is no electronic equipment

The main points of the corner of tranquility is a place to relieve you of various demands and obligations. So, to make this place can function optimally, make corner lulls you into a place that is free of technology.

Turn off the phone, do not place any screen – including of course the tv screen – and do whatever you need to be free from the device.

Research shows that escape from technology from time to time can develop your mental health.