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How to Build a House Little Cost

My home is my castle, that is a phrase often used to describe the state of the house we live in. Everyone would have a dream home criteria respectively, as existing home swimming pools, gardens, fish ponds, modern design, and much more.

Although the desire to build a dream home in the mind of every person in the world, but it is in fact difficult to achieve. Designing the house as you wish requires much consideration and effort.

Land increasingly narrow, while the population growth more and more, it makes it difficult to build large-scale houses in certain cities. The choice is to build a house in a suburb of unspoiled by dense development.

In addition to limited space, the current economic crisis makes all-round price expensive. Soaring prices of building materials and property to build a house often makes some people bite the fingers to design his own house.

So, how to be designing and managing the home with minimal budget and also the narrow land? Here are some tips that can help you.

1. Use Local Ingredients

For those of you who want to design or setting up home with minimal cost but maximum results, you may consider using locally made materials. Locally made materials are also not inferior quality to those from outside. In addition, the price is more affordable than foreign products.

2. Simple Design

Strive to design a simple house with a land area owned attention. Highlight hallmark yourself at home so that the impression is unique. Note the shape of the house and adjust to the available land. Do not impose the form of a house when the land needed inadequate.

3. Selection Cat

Selection of the right wall paint color when settlement process takes note. The use of contrasting colors can give a modern impression of the house and do not seem monotonous.

4. Creating Park

Garden in front of the house needs to be done in order to house more beautiful and complement the architecture of the building. If possible, reserving a little of the front of the house to be used as a park. The existence of the park serves as a balance against the house built.