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House Paint Color Combinations Make It Beautiful

Have you ever bought a new home, but you have to repaint the part of the house? If yes, the situation may be that you do because the paint color is not to your liking. Or it could be, you need to be different.

Repainting the new homes are commonplace. Therefore, a new home typically has a uniform color standards and there are even some houses that have the quality of the paint is not too good.

Well, if you want a new color change at home, the following tips on combining attractive paint colors.

1. Red and Red

The combination of two shades of red: the main red, and red with white or brown.

The first paint color combinations are red and red. This color is somewhat special. Therefore, the color red has the power of psychology that is quite dominant. Red color indicates sensuality and emotional high.

In decorating the room in the house, the red color is often combined with red element as well. However, the red color has undergone a blend of elements of other colors such as white or brown.

The trick, you can paint the color red as much as six times on one wall. It aims to be the color red can penetrate more powerful. Furthermore, the combination of both red paint (white or brown color combination) can be painted on a wall that has experienced painting six times earlier.

Examples of the combination of red and red on the walls and windows of the house in Mexico.

2. Gray and Mahogany

The combination of gray color with mahogany. Could that would give the impression of nature indoors.

The gray color is a neutral color that indicates the tranquility in thinking. There are some positive things that can be generated from the use of gray tones include: elegance, intelligence, mature and conservative. While the negative side of the gray include: dull, grief, and despair.

To that end, the gray color blends with the color of mahogany suggested. Basically, mahogany color is black with reddish sheen, so that the eye can see at first glance looks like a brown color.

Both of these colors combined deemed appropriate, in order to create two complementary Nature. The gray color is quite against the sky, and the color of mahogany give earth element.

Examples Room at home that blends between two shades of gray and mahogany.

The combination can be applied to the living room of your home, with gray painted on the ceiling, and mahogany color can be applied to your walls. Or you can also use a wall of gray, and the furniture of the room using the color of mahogany.

3. Green and Chocolate

The combination of two colors: green and brown can give the impression of a cozy nature for relaxation.

The green and brown is the color of nature right in the rooms of your home combined. How green will give the impression of calm, comfortable, like you’re on a page with leafy foliage.

Brown color will give the impression of nature that can combine elements of the leaves and wood, be in one room. The combination of both these colors can give the impression of therapy to residents who are experiencing pain.

Examples bedrooms that use a combination of two shades of green and brown. Another thing could also be supported by the surrounding furniture.

Additionally, if you’re reading a book or listening songs, both the color combination that will give its own imagination. So it is appropriate when applied to a home library, study room, or bedroom.

4. Blue and Grey

The combination of two colors: blue and gray that could lead to the impression of comfort.

If you plan to paint the walls of a bathroom or a room in the other house, a combination of blue and gray, this could be the best option.

The bathroom actually had to provide comfort and give the impression of a clean, besides it is cleaned regularly.

sample room using blue paint.

The blue color will give the impression of spacious and relaxing. This color is suitable to be applied to the walls of your bathroom. Moreover, if you have a bathtub that is often used to soak after a tiring activity.

Do not be surprised if later on you will feel the sensation of a dip in the swimming pool that has a view of the open sea.

The resulting shade of blue, it can be combined with the color gray. The combination was not full, but only as an addition to the access on each side edge of the wall. It will really show the convenience and does not give the impression that in a hurry.