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Here’s how to remove stains on the sidelines of ceramic floor

Never seen a house floor look dull though it was swept and mopped? Could be the cause you never clean the tile grout or interrupted.

sidelines of ceramics usually white, so it will be very visible if soiled or mildewed.

Sometimes the dust and dirt that causes the ceramic to become dull and unsightly. Though clean it does not need a big effort, consider the following trick.

Choose the appropriate product

Floor cleaning products are typically used to mop tend to be less effective for cleaning the sidelines floor. Carbolic or special cleaning fluids bathroom floor was more effective.

Moreover, this cleaning fluid plus anti fungal and anti algae thus preventing the sidelines of the ceramic seized with the two intruders.

Note aroma

Not a bit of cleaning floors and cleaning the bathroom floor stream that smells bad. In addition, the floor cleaner is so pungent that the risk of making you dizzy when you breathe it.

Don’t just be tempted by the low price, choose a neutral cleaner that smells so you do not have to make the entire household headache.

The cleaners were also left a stinging tang of acids in your floor. Some cleaners are already using a particular scent, such as lemon, and this could be your choice.

Create your own

Do not want to use a product that smells bad, you can mix their own cleaning materials sidelines of the floor. For example, by mixing baking soda and vinegar.

Both of these materials is quite effective, even removes algae and fungi, and the polished floor of the house.

Clean the first floor

Before using cleaning agents interrupted ceramics, broom and mop your floor first to get rid of a pile of dust.

Then, apply the cleaning ceramic and let stand for 15-30 minutes so that feces lifted. Afterwards you can use a brush to clean between tiles. Immediately rinse with water and dry-do not let moisture to prevent mildew.