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Following 3 Important Things In Home Maintenance

Care is central to maintaining the condition of the house remains balanced and maintained in order to always produce comfort for the residents who live in it. The house is always kept clean and the treatment is generally free of problems that can be annoying.

Therefore, do not be lazy to take care of your own home. Check out the vital parts in the house such as the condition of the roof is perforated or not, there is a leak or a pipe, and so on.

Make sure had done a thorough observation of the condition of the house at least one month. Well maintained house would not be troublesome when the rainy season arrives. You do not need to be concerned about a leaky roof that can wet your home.

In order to maximize the home care, there are some important things that must be considered.

1. Clean the Dust

Dust becomes a problem commonly faced each house. If left too long, usually dust will accumulate at a number of points. Not only that, in the dust there are a variety of debris including dust mite feces that can cause allergies and asthma for the whole family.

To clean the dust on the sidelines of the house, use a damp cloth and wipe all surfaces dusty so that all the dust stick to the fabric. Do not forget to regularly clean the carpets at least once a week so that dust is not attached permanently in the carpet.

2. Keep humidity room

Keep the humidity in the house to keep at the right temperature. The rooms were too damp will trigger the growth of fungi that can cause various diseases. Excess moisture will also invite various insects into the house. Of course this is not you want, is not it?

Humidity house could be maintained by checking the condition of the pipe house, opened the curtains and windows to the sun and wind can enter easily into the room, and also check the condition of the roof not to get cavities, especially during the rainy season because it will make the room humid with fast caused by water seeping.

3. Check the condition of walls and windows

The walls and windows into two things rarely noticed condition if not too damaged. In fact, if not treated properly, will be a source of major problems. Take care on the walls and windows regularly to keep the humidity in the house is preserved.

How, wipe the windows of the house with a special chalk that no fungus that appears in the window area. While on the wall, if there is a cracked wall, then immediately fix and replace it with a new paint.