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Five Tricks to Make More Interior Eccentric

Choosing the color of the room has always been a difficult time. We all loved the different colors. However, making a major home decoration is the part that is not easy. Should a bright, strong, or match the size of the room? Many questions when searching for the best color for home decor.

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Purple is the color that expresses the kingdom, eccentric, and stylish. Purple is not as aggressive as red, but more active than pure blue. This color balancing blue and red as the creator.

There are many shades of purple, such as eggplant purple, dark purple, orchid, violet, soft purple, and purple pinot noir. All could become a luxury in the interior decoration of the house.

However, be careful when applying purple too much because it can bring a strong surge. Purple also represents power, mystery and richness but also symbolize wisdom, strength and security. So, you have to be careful placing and how you combine them with a small room.

Here are some tips to use shades of purple in your home.

1. The entrance

Use purple at the entrance so that when guests enter your home, they will see some of the artwork, the accent or the main wall which will bring a powerful aura from the first step.

2. Wallpaper

Trendy wallpaper on the interior of the house can be combined with the color purple. But, be careful to pair the bold printed wallpaper with neutral furniture and subtle because it can cut the pattern color of the room.

3. Home office

Purple brings wealth, nobility and high quality. Bringing a splash of purple in the table, furniture or window blinds of the house into an office, an idea that is worth a try.

4. Children’s room

Soft shades of purple can be combined with shades of bright pink for girls room and with red. As for the boys room can be combined with orange.

5. Bedrooms

Purple is believed to have healing powers and helps relieve headaches and nervous system problems. Purple is also believed to bring peace so that right if it is used for the bedroom.