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Few Things about Home Service Agreement That You May Not Know

Technically coined as “Residential Service Agreement”, the home service agreement or home warranty agreement is a great scope that offers complete peace of mind to the homeowners. These agreements are mainly beneficial in case you end up using it like any other warranty, but even in case you don’t make any claim, you can consider this as an insurance policy against the things going wrong.

How to make a claim of the home service agreement?

To make a claim of home service agreement, you can either use the website of the company or can call the service telephone number. In case you find that the issue is under warranty, the contractor would replace or repair those without any additional charge. Here the contractors are mainly selected by the home service agreement company and these contractors are properly insured and licensed. So, performing the home service agreement claim repair is just a part of the businesses of these professionals.

But in case you want these professionals to perform something more than what is actually covered by the policy, then you have to keep them informed. This way, they will be able to schedule the additional time for you while bringing the additional tools and materials.

How to renew the home service agreement?

As this agreement mostly costs hundreds of dollars to complete a long-term home repair successfully, a one service call makes the home warranty pay off. Whether you actually do or not, this way you will be able to protect yourself from dipping into the savings in case something comes up.

Whether you make a claim or not, you can renew the Home Service Agreements in Birmingham every year. Usually, the cost goes up after first year even in case you don’t make claims. On the other hand, in case you get loads of financial benefits from the year of claims, then you won’t get the scope to renew with the same service provider.

But even just having this for the first year, it will offer a safety net for the things, which can come up when you are still getting to know your new home. As a whole, the home service agreement must be renewed every year to enjoy the benefits. Here the contract would carry all the comprehensive coverage during the period of restoration. The home warranty also includes the extension of coverage for the termites and household pests.