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Common Mistakes in Home Decoration

Want to organize the space and the furniture in your new home? A variety of reference can be obtained from a variety of online sites or consultation with a friend about the style and furniture suitable for your new home.

But for some people may still lack the experience, so that the arrangement is less precise because of several factors. The following are some things you should avoid when arranging new homes.

1. Organize a sleeping area with excessive

Bedroom should be a comfortable place for you and your family rest. Quibble want to decorate it to make it look beautiful, your bedroom even uncomfortable because of the arrangement which tend to be excessive. An interior stylist from The Stylesmith, Natalie Jamer said that the selection of colors became one of the important components to help you reflect on the mood that is always good.

2. The floors were monotonous

Many people choose to make their flooring with a theme even styles and colors on the grounds that the room look more spacious. An interior designer from Oxide Design, Rohan Little told a story that made the same will actually boring and no variety.

3. Put the carpet on the carpet

Some people do this ridiculous thing in the arrangement of their homes. According to Julia Green of Green house interior also confirmed this and sounded as something ridiculous on the pretext that the cleanliness.

4. Hang the furniture on the wall

Some people choose to hang the furniture when they narrow room in the house. However, Bec Astrinakis of Nathan + jac say that it sometimes makes you so impressed room full so not recommended to do it excessively.

5. Not using lights

Some people chose to reduce the use of lights in their homes and a wide open space for the incoming sunlight. This could be something useful, but it is also a mistake in the layout. According to Georgia Ezra of GAABE Interior Design reveals that light is a component that can not be eliminated in arranging your room.

6. Don’t choose a theme room

Some people like to feel confused when they have to organize their new homes because they do not have a theme. If any, the theme is only valid for one room only. Nicholas Travers of Techne Architecture + Interior Design revealed that common mistakes that often occur in some people is not the theme in managing the space.

7. Selection of color is not right

In addition to choosing the theme of the room, choosing the right color also affect the arrangement of your home. According to Jessica Bellef of Temple & Webster, in addition to the beauty, the color has a lot of influence on your mood and energy in the house.