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Cleaning Tips Bathtub and Bathroom Shower

Exposure to water and soap every day can make a bath in your bathroom becomes easy to get dirty and damp. The fungus will easily breed.

How to clean quite easily. Heat 1/2 cup of vinegar in the microwave for 90 seconds. Then input into a spray bottle. Do not forget to add a little liquid dishwashing soap into it, then shake the bottle gently so that the solution completely mixed.

When the cleaning fluid is ready to use, how to use it by spraying only to every part bathtub. In addition to cleaning the bathtub, you can also use it to clean other bathroom furniture. Such as flooring, even the shower curtain.

Once sprayed evenly, leave first, then brush with smooth and rinse using clean water. Homemade liquid cleanser is not costly, proved very effective for cleaning your bath tub.

Meanwhile, if the shower head sprayed water does not work optimally because of dirty and rusty, then you can take these steps to clean it.

Prepare a plastic bag, vinegar, and a rope to tie. Next, pour the vinegar into the plastic up to half. Then enter the shower head into the plastic and make sure submerged into a solution of vinegar, and then tie it with plastic. Let stand for several hours to allow the vinegar works well.

When finished, remove the plastic bag connection. The next turn on the shower, let the water run down for a few minutes so that the shower head completely clean of vinegar.