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Ceiling height Ideal for Confined Spaces

In the architecture of the house, you would know that is part of the interior ceiling or commonly known as the palate. Based on the understanding, the ceiling is part of the construction which constitutes the border between the frame of the building and the roof frame. Easier ceiling is a barrier between the roof of the room below.

In closing, the ceiling is often used as a hiding place for a collection of cables and hoses as well as the roof truss structure that is considered disturbing the overall look of the room.

Ceiling exact position a few meters below the roof frame, will cause a cavity to see enough to contain a variety of installations.

Low ceiling for cramped spaces

As for the distance of the ceiling to the floor of the room should be considered carefully as possible. If you look at the current trend, there is a tendency of changing tastes. The homeowners assume a high ceiling can be applied at home with a building area of ​​small and large. But in fact this is wrong.

For homes with a building area of ​​about 54 square meters, the ceiling is too high which is designed so did not fit the proportions. Due to this broad land will be divided into several spaces. Well, the only possibility for the bedroom measuring 3 × 3 meters. To that end, a low ceiling with a height of about 2.7 meters is considered better and ideal.

He said, if the narrow space juxtaposed with a distance of a high ceiling, the value of comfort is only temporary and even cause problems in the future.

Later this high-imposed ceiling could cause problems for the homeowner. For example, dust accumulates on the ceiling and difficult to clean. Placement of furniture can also be split with the right to be in sync with the high ceiling.

“In addition, the hot air from below will accumulate on top and difficult to find a way out. Finally, the circulation of air in a narrow space becomes not smooth. Unless provided plenty of ventilation or a ceiling fan (ceiling fan), which could be the solution , “he added.

3 meters for a more spacious room

As for a more spacious room about 3 meters x 5 meters, a higher ceiling distance of about 0.3 meters may be applied.

Astrid said, 3-meter high ceilings can be applied to a living room or master bedroom might normally be an area of ​​about 15 square meters. To add aesthetic value, the ceiling can be coated with wallpaper that match the theme of the room.

However, keep in mind, designing high ceiling would cost extra. Because it would require more quantity of material. Recently, Astrid adding high ceilings also require adequate air path like a low ceiling.