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Cactus planting different ways, home more beautiful

Are you a fan of cactus? This thorny plants apparently kept a mystery. Behind the apparently ‘spooky’ and could hurt, it turns out the cactus has a number of health benefits for the body. Cactus stem has antioxidant nutrients that could be cancer prevention, control blood sugar, and very good for the diet.

Not surprisingly, Latin American society often puts cactus as the main ingredient of food.

With great benefits, this cactus plant is quite easy to maintain. Water supplies in it makes this plant can grow without the need to be watered every day.

Now a tiny cactus plants have often see in the shops of the plant. Typically, the seller cactus planted in pots with a cactus composition of the pot.

If an area of your home is limited, you can try planting a cactus in a pot. More interesting if you add trinkets such as rocks so that the pot into a diorama and unique.

So how do I make it? The following 6 easy steps to grow a cactus in small pots:

1. Prepare material

– A small cactus plants and several species of ducks or sekulen like sansevierial as ‘friends’.
– A flower pot with a diameter of about 30cm wide and 20cm high.
– Cactus in small pot
– Gloves for gardening
– clamp
– gravel
– growing media
– teaspoon
– And some action figures as decoration.

2. Enter in the planting medium pot

First, place the gravel which has been prepared to the bottom of the pot. The amount of gravel does not need to meet until the surface of the pot. You just fill 1/3 of the height of the pot. Therefore, most of cactus have shallow roots. Then, sprinkle soil on top.

Then, prepare a hole diameter of cactus plants that have been planted in small pots before. To keep the cactus to keep warm, you can close it using clear plastic bottles or containers the size, during planting progress.

3. The removal of a small potted cactus

When moving a cactus and a number of plants in pots sekulen before, set the paper as a transition to clean cactus pads. Do not forget, use gardening gloves on your hands.

After the cactus sekulen is clean and solid soil, then planted a cactus using a clamp, toward the hole that had been prepared.

4. Compress the surface of plants using a teaspoon

Planting a cactus, and press into the surface of the soil. To tamp, you can use a teaspoon. Perform well against other plants to be planted next to him.

5. Spray with warm water

After the cactus and succulent plants are planted, spray warm water on the ground. It is intended that does not look dry for a few days.

6. Add details

Make your cactus plants as dioramas that tell a story. You can make additional road with sand or gravel. Then, place additional details such as action figures. Voila! You look like a cactus plant mini movie studio could you creations own.