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Apartment Buying Tips For Young Couples

For newly married couples, having their own place of residence becomes a dream that wants to be realized soon. However, limited land in the capital and the increasingly expensive home prices, making the desire more difficult to be realized.


Finding alternatives to other residences also needs to be done. The apartment could be one of the lucrative options. Cheaper prices, more complete facilities, tighter security, and can be an investment, are some of the advantages of buying an apartment.

However, buying an apartment should be done with careful consideration. The purchased apartment should be able to meet the needs of you and your partner. There are several tips to buy an apartment that should be known to young couples.

Strategic location

Locations become one of the important points in finding an apartment. We recommend selecting an apartment close to the office in order to save money. In addition, make sure that the apartment is also easily accessible by transportation access. No less important, choose an apartment close to shopping centers, hospitals, and parks.

Spacious Room

Apartment space is also worth noting. Because you are just a couple of couples, then you do not need a room that is too broad. That way, you will have no trouble while arranging the room. You will not be exhausted after cleaning the room. However, do not choose a room that is too narrow for you and your partner can move freely. Not to mention if there are additional new family members. Calculate carefully the area of ​​space you need.


Choose an apartment that has a variety of facilities to suit your needs and your partner. If you and your partner like to exercise, then look for an apartment that provides sports facilities, such as swimming pool and fitness room. Note also whether the apartment already provides furniture in the room or you have to buy the furniture and set up your own room.


Before looking for an apartment, negotiate first with a pair of fees that you want to spend to buy an apartment. Then, find an apartment that suits your pocket situation, but can still meet your needs. It would be more advantageous if you find an apartment that payment can be paid installment.