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9 Type Plants Suitable Planted Home Page

Not all types of plants suitable for planting around our home page Before planting we shall consider the function and aesthetics in advance so that will not only unsightly but can also benefit the environment. Here are some plants that can we consider to be planted around the home page, which are:

1). Mango tree

If you do not have a large yard, then planted mango trees can be a solution. Almost in many new housing built today, the average developer to plant mango trees as a way of reducing the heat of the sun. Mango trees including a very easy plant species cultivated and the treatment was not difficult, rapid bigger and faster fruiting. Therefore, if you intend to plant a mango tree in your yard – you can start from this moment, there are different types of mango variants please choose what you like best.

2). Palm tree

Plants that resembles a coconut tree but has a small fruit that is perfect when planted around the home page. There are many species of palm trees, among which are: of palm or sugar palm (Arenga pinata), Gebang (Corypha utan), coconut (Cocos nucifer), Palm (Elaeis guineensis), Nibung (oncosperma tigillarium), Nipah (Nypa fruticans), and Rattan (Calamus rottan). Please select which one you like and be sure to first adjust to the contours of the land and surrounding environment.

3). Jasmine flower

Jasmine is a herbaceous plant species and has erect stems, many people like to plant it because captivated by the sweet smell flowers often come out at night. Most jasmine planted in the yard is a type of white jasmine (Jasminum sambac).

4). Papaya tree

Everyone will remember this one tree, a tree that is very well known for its fruit is sweet and fresh. Papaya tree (Carica papaya), is a plant that originated from southern Mexico and northern parts of South America. Papaya function other than fruit and leaves that can be eaten is a natural canopy, and because of the wide papaya leaves can be used to protect your home page from the hot sun.

5). Pine trees

Pine trees are often encountered when traveling to the plateau region, the beauty and uniqueness stems and leaves made of pine has a special attraction that is now not uncommon for people who have planted it to be used as decoration in the home page in order to create the impression of being in the mountains.

6). Banyan Tree

Banyan tree has small leaves but amounted to much that makes it look lush. If you have a yard large enough you can plant a banyan tree to be used as a shade tree. Banyan tree is planted, resistant to diseases that do not require much extra care and long-lived.

7). Hibiscus

Hibiscus included in shrub originating from East Asia. Beauty hibiscus which has large flowers, red and odorless this is what makes it preferred by many people to be planted on their home page. According to the Wikipedia website, hibiscus widely used as an ornamental plant because the flowers are beautiful. Flowers are used to shine shoes in India and as flower offerings. In China, red flower used as food coloring. In Indonesia, the leaves and flowers are used in a variety of traditional medicine. Dried hibiscus can also be drunk as a tea. In Okinawa, Japan hibiscus are used as a hedge plant. In the southern part of Okinawa, this plant is called Gush┼Źnu hana (flower of life after death) so widely planted in the tomb.

8). Bamboo

In Indonesia alone there are approximately 160 species of bamboo, and 88 among which is the endemic species of bamboo. The uniqueness of the bamboo and the resulting benefits make it preferable to be planted in the yard or the yard. If you are interested in planting bamboo will be planted in particular if the home page that is not too broad choose ornamental bamboo species.

9). Frangipani flowers

Colorful flowers frangipani trees suitable for planting in the front yard to further add beauty to your home.