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9 Goods Unnecessary Dumped After Christmas

Once Christmas is over, your home may be a lot of stuff the rest of the decor. If you plan to dispose of it, you may have to think again. Because the goods are actually still be used again.

There is stuff the rest of the Christmas celebration that should not be discarded. Therefore, you can still use it for other purposes.

1. Broken Christmas tree ornament

Christmas tree ornaments you broken? Do not immediately throw it. These objects can be beautiful mosaics to decorate the mirror to jewelry.

2. The Christmas lights were damaged

Lights colorful though damaged can still be attractive decor. You can set it up on the mirror as a decorative accent.

3. Synthetic Wreaths

Metallic garlands can be used again to make new year decorations lively and interesting.

4. Paper Christmas gifts

Old wrapping paper Christmas present you could be used again for wrapping gifts on other occasions. You can also use old wrapping paper as a coating desks or cabinets.

5. Bottle of wine

Bottles of wine can be used as an interesting craft materials, ranging from container candles, lamps, until the vase.

6. Christmas Tree

Christmas trees can still be used for Christmas next year. If broken, the Christmas tree can be used to decorate a garden or a bird’s nest.

7. Decoration door

Just like a Christmas tree, ornaments doors also can be used again next year, or as other decorations.

8. Cartons and parcel boxes

Cardboard used Christmas wrapping purposes and parcel boxes can be reused to store goods in warehouses. These boxes can also be used as craft materials.

9. Christmas greeting card

Christmas greeting cards from loved ones is important to be saved for reasons of sentimental value. In addition, the cards can be cut up and used for other prizes hanger.