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8 Tips to make it look neat wardrobe

Wardrobe or storage areas will not necessarily make your goods become more orderly. If your closet look neat from the outside, it could be in the mess it is precisely because you do not set it up properly.

For example, you combine clothes that stand out of T-shirts, shirts, scarves up into one. You will experience any difficulties should seek scarf because these goods are usually stacked together.

Do not worry, now you can perform simple ways to spruce up your storage space. The following 8 simple tips to make your closet storage and efficient and tidy.

1. Hang the scarf you on a special hanger.

2. Roll the scarf or towel when stored.

3. Tie hanger hanger on the other.

4. Use chain to hook hanger.

5. Use the foam to make boots straight upright.

6. Create a hanging rack for your nail polish products.

7. Give the glue on the hanger you make your clothes no longer falling. However, make sure the glue is dry when you put the clothes on the hanger.

8. Create an insulated box specifically for your underwear.

Above are 8 tips for wardrobe neat, may be useful and your wardrobe be neat.