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7 Tips renovation cost-effective child’s bedroom

The bedroom is a comfortable place for your baby to rest, learn and play. They will spend a lot of time, so do not ignore the interior decoration that contains a combination of colors and playful shapes.

Only a small fee and creativity, you can turn the bedroom to make it look fun and educational.

Try to apply some of the ideas below cost-effective and easy to make them feel at home in the room!

1. Make a small art gallery

Wall hangings that contains photo frame, picture hanging colors is an easy way to make the room of the baby to be enjoyable.

Could be, you are also inspired to create mini Picasso to decorate the walls of his room?

2. Garnish with motif

The easiest way to add to the fun for a child’s bedroom is to enrich the motifs on the walls.

Pictured above is an example of a make over with a mix of brightly colored pillowcases pretty chime with similar color carpet.

3. Display a collection of antique furniture

Instead of having to buy new furniture set with a matching models, you can take advantage of a collection of furniture that have been collected for a long time.

This method not only saves you money, but the examples above may be an easy way to bring the feel of colorful and eclectic as well.

4. Create a handmade ornament

You do not have to be a master craft before trying some handmade projects to decorate a child’s bedroom. With the choice of materials and colors are unique, you can create a unique decoration that looks pretty easy but for display on the walls of the room.

5. Give the spirit with decorations pom-pom

Easy and cheap, it makes a lot of embellishments pom chosen to enliven the party decorations. Made of paper, make a pom colorful garnish with a few different sizes to enhance your child’s bedroom.

6. Playing creative with paint

Compared to paint the walls in one color only, why not try creative by using three or four shades? Use vertical or horizontal line pattern to create a super dramatic effect. The above examples are in the adaptation of Rebecca propes to create a room look more unique.

7. Select the paper-size decal

Add ornate wallpaper graphics to be adopted into a child’s room wall. On appeal opt for wall stickers, wall decals * offer design and size can be adjusted as desired so that your child’s imagination can be better developed.

* Paper decal or sometimes called Transfer paper is a type of paper that serves to transfer images from your computer to the media we want