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6 Ways To Stay Warm Home in Cold Weather

The rainy season or winter may make you often cold. When warm drinks alone is not able to warm your home, there may be some things you should do.

Here are 7 things to do to keep you warm in the house without heating.

1. Close all the cracks in the windows

Closing the window is not enough to make the house warm. Therefore, there may still be small holes that allow cold air from outside into the house. Therefore you can patch it with wax or glue to seal the holes.

2. Cover the floor with carpet

Did you know heat can dissipate from the house through the floor? To prevent this, you can install the carpet on the floor.

3. Change the direction of your ceiling fan

Aims mounted ventilation fan to remove hot air from inside the house. However, by reversing the direction, you can get warm air from the ceiling to get into your home.

4. Invest in the best blanket

Talk turns warmth coming from the best blanket. Although, the price is directly proportional to quality. Then do not hesitate to invest your money to buy blankets best able to warm you.

5. Close the door tightly

Similarly, the windows, the doors can also be the entry of cold air into the house. However, it can not be denied, the door must have had a crack so you can outsmart the booster crack in the door.

6. Make sure your roof meeting

The cold air can enter through the roof of the house. To that end, immediately fix your leaky roof or perforations.