5 Tricks to Overcome The Too Bright Room

The room that always gets sunlight is certainly healthy, because it will kill the bacteria that are scattered in the room and prevent fungus. However, the sun is disturbing if the intensity is too large.

You are deliberately using a large glass window, but the sunlight that comes into the room is very blinding-especially if the sunlight that comes into the house is the rays in the afternoon.

As a result not only dazzling, the conditions inside the house became too warm even hot. If your room is like that, do the trick as summarized from to avoid the light is too hot.

1. Install blinds-may be bamboo or wooden blinds-for your windows. When the sun is very hot, you can close the blinds, but the sun can still enter through the gap on the blinds.

For the record, choose a stylish blinds, such as wooden shutters are neatly arranged and use bright colors.

2. Paint the walls with colors other than white. Do not color all walls with white color because it reflects light. Choose different colors for some walls, for example on one side of the wall the color is blue sea, on the other side you use wallpaper.

Do not choose colors that are too dark, like black or purple very old. Both of these colors absorb heat, so although in your eyes will feel more cool, but this color will make the room becomes more hot.

3. Add the vines on the outside wall exactly where the room is located. The vines will coat the walls to prevent sunlight from directly affecting your room. Check the condition of the plants every two weeks to prevent roots from damaging the walls of your home.

4. During the day do not turn on the air conditioner, but turn on the fan. AC exposed to heat will make the compressor work harder so that electricity becomes wasteful and air conditioning not durable. Open the window a little and then turn on the fan to remove the heat from the room.

5. Select only one window with the curtain open. This allows sunlight to shine on your room, while other windows can be closed with a thin curtain.

If the light in the house is too dazzling, your eyes will get tired and you are hard to concentrate.