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5 Mistakes That Make Your Home Gross and Messy

Keeping the house clean is important for the whole family. But until now there are still many who do not realize that some habits would make the home environment becomes unhealthy. What are these habits? Here is his review.

Not Tidy Bed

The most common habits and frequent. Some of us would often not making the bed and then rush off to work. So that this does not happen you can make a simple way while making a bed. Drag and straighten the blanket, then stack the pillows in the middle of the bed.

Dishes piled

Leaving dishes piled up in the kitchen or sink after dinner is one of the bad habits that often occur. The risk is of course gathering of germs and bacteria left on the plate can cause disease. Take your time about five to 10 minutes to clean the dirty dishes after dinner is finished.

Clothes scattered on the floor

This is probably the most frequently performed. Some of you are still accustomed to drop your clothes on the floor or on a bed after a return to work or other activities. So that this does not happen reserving about 5 minutes of your time to fold, hang, or put the clothing in a special basket for dirty clothes. This will keep the floor and mattress are kept clean and free of germs.

Using only one basket in the house

Other habit that is often done is to provide only one basket for dirty clothes in the house. One place in the house to the cage of everything you’ve got. It will be a nest of bacteria and germs.

Moving on to the mattress with the rest of the dirt from the kitchen

One again, after dinner and maybe clean up dirty dishes, you immediately went to bed without considering that there are still a lot of germs and bacteria that are still attached to the body. So that this does not happen, do not forget to wash their feet and clean your hands before getting into bed to enjoy a break.