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5 Mistakes Often First Time Home Buyers Guide

Buying a home is certainly a pleasant moment for everyone. Especially for first-time buyer, or first time home buyer. No wonder if the developer very easily attract potential buyers when viewing the interior of the house is equipped with granite flooring, kitchen table, or a garden behind the house.

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Therefore, as a potential buyer you should be more careful. Especially when they wanted to do a survey to the model house that looks so perfect from ceiling to floor. Below are some mistakes that you should avoid as a first time home buyer.

Too much spending money

Prior interested in conducting a survey of a housing unit, you have to know exactly the budget they have. You could try the calculator gadget properties, but this is only a rough calculation.

After finding the rough figure for the amount of the mortgage to be asked, you have to adjust to the current financial situation. Calculate how many expenses are usually issued every month.

Is this for you can pay all expenses properly, or even difficulty? Always choose a house with the number of installments under estimate the number of affordable, so as not to experience difficulties in the mortgage process.

Count the chickens before the outbreak of the egg

When they wanted to take into account how much the repayments are willing to pay, the amount shall be in accordance with current income. In addition, the amount of combined income calculated based on you and your spouse steady source of income.

Do not add a source of revenue from bonuses or salary increases forecast in the months ahead. This method is considered more secure, because you never know your financial situation in the middle of the road later.

Not Count the Cost Extra

Maybe if before you rent a house, costs only about money contracts each month. However if you want to buy a home, down payment and monthly installment amount is only a fraction that must be paid.

On the other hand you have to take into account the cost of insurance and property taxes that vary according to the location of residence. Do not be surprised if your spending will swell after the completion of sale and purchase agreement.

Not Engage In Process Expert Survey

In the middle of the home search process, you may find a home that looks attractive at first glance. But once you get into the interior to carry out an inspection, you may find some of the deficits seen. Either artisan work contract that is less neat, or situations that do not match the picture.

Typically homeowners will not mention the shortage of which is owned by property unit, then that role will be very important property expert. These experts can get from a real estate agent or a colleague who has experience in the property field.

Credulous or too scared

Some of the first home buyers so easily believe what is spoken by marketing developer or homeowner. Too optimistic to be the wrong attitude. Do not think that the house is ideal without the slightest flaw. If someday found some problems, you might look at it as something natural, not even aware if the cost of renovation would cost significantly.

On the other hand, there is also the type of buyer who is paranoid that find it difficult to work together. They usually do not believe the market price that has been offered by the seller. They ask for price quotes that are so low that in the end it makes feel frustrated because they do not get the desired house.

In general, they do not trust the services of estate agents and instead rely on itself to look for the property, which will increase the burden exhausting task.