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4 Simple Steps to Remove Stains on Coffee Pot

Coffee is often leave stains brownish black on the container. Moreover, if the coffee allowed to stand for long periods in these containers, over time the stain will stick and make an appearance on the container is not pretty anymore.

Unfortunately, the stain does not disappear immediately although washed repeatedly. Yes, you do need measures to restore the container you keep clear as ever.

1. Wash with hot water. Perform this step four times, then wipe with a tissue. Do you still see the stain? It’s time to do the next step.

2. 2. Wash with baking soda and water. If necessary use the same brush to brush the rough texture of the container, wash thoroughly.

3. Dry with paper towels to thoroughly and dry at room temperature.

4. A pot or container of coffee you will be clean again. Store in a dry cupboard and humid temperature