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3 Main principles to get around the narrow space

The higher home prices are often a barrier for us to have a broad dream house. However, do not let it dispelled you organize your dream house freely, in accordance dreams.

Depletion of residential land to make housing developers began marketing residential small type. This is done in order to install the selling price according to the ability of prospective consumers.

Limitations of space often brings a sense of crowded and saturated. However, do not fret, it’s not impossible to change your small house into a dwelling dream. The idea of ​​creation is the key factor around the narrow space into a comfortable habitation.

Neutral wall colors

Bright colors are always recommended as an alternative option for homeowners with limited building area.

Neutral colors can make the effect more spacious and bright room in the room. You can apply the color white, beige. You can also choose the color of light gray, or navy young.

The color selection can produce the illusion of eyes to look up more space than the original size. The key is being able to balance a neutral color with shades of soft colors that make right room.

To create a monotonous shades You can add another color combination on the furniture. Color ceiling should be equated with the wall color.

Color floor

Use floor with bright colors such as white, for example, orange or other bright colors. May also use the parquet floor.

If you use a color other than white, make sure you use a white wall paint. Because this will make the room look spacious, although only a trick of the light wall colors.

If you still want to paint the walls with colors other than the color of light, narrow room will look cramped and limited movement.

Colour Light Lamp

The room was cramped match the color of the white light because it will give a broad effect on the room. Avoid using a slightly yellow color orange as the color of light used for the highway.

Orange yellow light makes the room more cramped. Yellow lights only suitable to be applied to a large room.